Throwback Thursday

Petoskey Plastics recently received a few images of operations in the late 1970s. We’ve had many great memories as a company over the past 53 years, so please join us in looking back at a few of them.

View from the first Petoskey Plastics plant off of Lear Road in Petoskey.
Overhead view of the new Petoskey plant taken in July of 1976.
Norm Warner (Maintenance Technician) in July of 1976.
In-line bags process taken in January of 1977.
Right to left: Larry Huber (Foreman), Paul Keiswetter (Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO), and Norm Warner in December of 1978.
Running the first twin dies in the new plant taken in December of 1978.
Line in the new Petoskey plant taken in December of 1978.

Thank you to everyone who has made the last 53 years of business possible.

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