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Eco-Friendly Products

Many of our plastic film and bag products are made with resin containing up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. Thanks to our advanced multi-layer manufacturing process, quality and durability are guaranteed.

See how plastics can be both valuable AND sustainable.

Closed Loop Program

We pioneered closed loop recycling programs that divert and recycle landfill-bound plastic waste for use in our plastic film & bag products.

We offer a variety of products and services that help our customers divert landfill-bound used plastic into reusable products like resins or bags and film.

Through the program, companies divert what would typically be landfill-bound plastic waste and recycle it through us instead. It then goes on to be reused in new products.  Learn more about our closed loop program here.


Watch this video to learn more about our Closed Loop Process:
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Sustainability Scorecard

Helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint with the purchase of products made with recycled content.

Making the decision to engage in a recycling philosophy means taking on social and economic responsibility to care for the environment. As a company committed to innovative and sustainable manufacturing, Petoskey Plastics took on the challenge to quantify the impact that their customers’ recycling practices are actually having on the planet.

The sustainability scorecard, launched in 2016, gives our customers and closed loop partners the advantage of evaluating the actual impact of their purchasing and sustainability efforts.

Through participation in the closed loop program and purchase of recycled products from Petoskey Plastics, customers receive information on the pounds of plastic waste collected, recycled, and percentage of recycled plastic used in their new products.

Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Analysis

The Life Cycle Analysis quantitatively measures energy use, raw material consumptions, air emissions, water effluents, and solid wastes.

CO2 Equivalents

Provides carbon footprint equivalents in a clear and precise way for all to understand, making it easy to communicate the results.

Sustainability Marketing

Now more than ever sustainability is important in both the marketplace as well as in the corporation. Use this scorecard to show consumers, investors, and others your dedication to sustainability.

ROI Reporting

Provides a quantitative evaluation and return on investment to the environment.
Your yearly personalized Sustainability Scorecard serves as a success story for the past year and a benchmark for the upcoming one. Get competitive with yourself; beat your old sustainability score and increase emission savings. Here’s how:

Work with our sales team to increase the percentage of Post-Consumer Plastic Resin (PCR) in your products

By increasing your recycled material usage, the amount of CO2 emissions you save increases!

Consider transitioning from virgin products to products made with recycled material

Still using a 100% virgin bag or plastic sheeting product? Our 3-layer technology allows us to add recycled content into the film layers without sacrificing quality or performance. Even adding a small amount of PCR into the product makes a big difference in emissions saved over time!

Show that sustainability is in demand by purchasing more sustainable products

By using sustainable products made from recycled resin, you are increasing the demand for recycled resins in the market, thus increasing the need for more landfill-bound plastics to be recycled.

Ready to get started? Let's talk about how we can get your business using sustainable plastic bag and film products! 

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