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Closed Loop Recycling Partnerships
Since 1978, we've been taking landfill-bound plastic out of the waste stream. Our goal is to create new products from recycled material while also expanding the market for other recycled products.
The Sustainability Scorecard
Data is based on the level of recycled content supplied within film and bags purchased from Petoskey Plastics over time, providing quantitative evaluation and return on investment.
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Commitment to the Environment

We do not just talk about sustainability, we practice it in every aspect of our business. Each year we set new goals to push the limits of our sustainability with our recycled products as well as our manufacturing practices. With the installation of our new wash line, we will be able to recycle significantly more plastic while also producing a finer product.

Plastics can be valuable AND sustainable. Our video above shows how our recycled products work.

GreenPE® post-consumer plastic resin is made from plastic that has been recycled following its original intended use.

We produce GreenPE® resin at our recycling and manufacturing facility in Hartford City, Indiana.  This central location enables us to serve major U.S. markets with recycling services and shipment of GreenPE® resin.

Our GreenPE® resin is in our products made with recycled material including:

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Our 3 and 5-layer technology enables us the flexibility to have virgin layers surround the middle layer, which is made with up to 70% post-consumer GreenPE® recycled plastic resin.

“As consumers and businesses focus more on recycling and green products, we take pleasure in gearing up to meet the growing demand.” Mr. Paul Keiswetter, CEO

Sustainability Scorecard Program

We help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Petoskey Plastics is committed to sustainable materials management. Our commitment to a sustainable environment includes: helping to create sustainable products, primarily using recycled plastic as the feedstock, reducing petrochemical usage, reducing energy use and reducing the carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) foster environmental innovations that are consistent with Petoskey Plastics commitment.

Petoskey Plastics offers innovative technology with its production of recycled LLDPE resin and the use of its recycled LLDPE resin PE films. To demonstrate commitment to sustainability and provide evidence of this accomplishment, Petoskey Plastics contracted a third party to complete a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), or cradle-to-gate analysis of their recycled LLDPE resin and the use of the recycled LLDPE resin in PE films.

The FREE scorecard we provide our customers includes

  • Plastic Film Recycled

    Petoskey Plastics purchases landfill-bound used plastics. We provide information on the pounds collected, returned and recycled.

  • Plastic Bags & Film

    Comparison is then created between products made with recycled content vs. prime materials. With the help of our third party consultants, we can provide a direct correlation to the offsets and omission savings.

  • Total Percentage of Recycled Material

    Our engineered solutions and commitment to sustainability push us to design products with higher levels of recycled content.

  • FREE Scorecard Indicating CO2 saved as well as CO2 Equivalents and Emissions

    Our customers receive a customized scorecard which is a FREE service we provide for any specified time frame.

We use environmentally responsible manufacturing and packaging processes that preserve resources, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our quality of life.Mr. Paul Keiswetter, Chairman & CEO

Our Story

We first began recycling in 1978 and have never stopped thinking green. Our Greencore® closed-loop recycling program takes post-use plastic out of the waste stream and puts it back into customer products. Thanks to our unique, multi-layer manufacturing process, we're supplying our customers with high-performance polyethylene products that are good for them and good for the environment.

What We do for our customers and the environment

  • Closed Loop Programs

    We offer a variety of products and services that help our customers divert landfill-bound used plastic into reusable products like resins or bags and film. We pioneered closed loop recycling processes that divert and recycle landfill-bound plastic waste for use in our products. Learn More about the program here.

  • Recycling Management & Collection

    We have a team of field service experts that help our customers increase the value of their used plastics through training and education of their employees. We manage transportation. Your pick up will be coordinated by our staff. “One call does it all!”

  • GreenPE®

    We manufacture post-consumer plastic resin from plastic that has been collected following its original intended use.

  • Greencore® Products

    Green bags made smarter and stronger. Greencore® Trash Bags get their strength from two layers of high-strength virgin plastic surrounding an inner core of 70% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic.


40 Years of Recycling Evolution

34 years of recycling evolution