GreenPE® post-consumer plastic resin is made from plastic that has been recycled following its original intended use. We produce GreenPE® resin at our recycling and manufacturing facility in Hartford City, Indiana. This central location enables us to serve major U.S. markets with recycling services and shipment of GreenPE® resin.

Sustainable Products

GreenPE® Film

Our 3 and 5-layer technology enables us the flexibility to have virgin layers surround the middle layer, which is made with up to 70% post-consumer GreenPE® recycled plastic resin. We use the highest amounts of GreenPE® within the center layer of the film, reducing the amount of virgin material used in the wide range of products that later use this sustainable film.
GreenPE Film Roll

GreenPE® Bags

GreenPE® bags are made smarter and stronger. Our bag product lineup includes a wide range of can sacks, trash bags, recycling bags, can and drum liners, and contractor bags. These bags are made with our 3-layer film in a variety of blends and levels of post-consumer recycled GreenPE® resin.

The bags get their strength from two layers of high-strength virgin plastic surrounding an inner core of 70% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic. The sturdy institutional and industrial liners are durable and strong for all purposes. And, Greencore® recycling bags are the most eco-friendly option for recycling bags.


GreenPE® Shrink™ Film 

Our unique 5-layer technology allows us to combine LDPE and LLDPE into the film layers for toughness and HDPE for tensile strength, making GreenPE® Shrink™ Bundling Film a heavy-duty, high-performing film with superior product protection for a variety of applications.

GreenPE® Shrink™ is excellent for products that pack in large, heavy multi-packs, such as beverage cans, cleaning supplies, bulk food, and more. GreenPE® Shrink™ is just as tough and durable as other polyethylene shrink films, with the added benefit of being made with up to 30% post-consumer GreenPE recycled resin.

Shrink Film Rolls

GreenPE® Covers

We frequently use our GreenPE® in construction and home improvement covers like painter’s plastic and sheeting as well as seat covers and other barrier films. In these products, we use up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic GreenPE® resin with virgin material in a variety of blends and levels of PCR that provides flexibility while maximizing strength and performance.

GreenPE Cover