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Slip-N-Grip® Seat Covers

Protect your customer's upholstery during service with these disposable covers. Multi-layered construction ensures cover stays on seat when technician moves in and out of the vehicle.

seat covers
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High Density Painter's Plastic

Protect walls, furniture, and floors from dust and paint with Steelcoat® Painter's Plastic and Drop Cloths. Made with multi-layered Grip-N-Guard® Technology for superior tape adhesion.

Painter's Plastic
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Greencore® Can Liners

Our Greencore Can Liners are made with up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic so you can keep your operations "green", no matter the task. These sturdy bags cost no more than traditional liners made of virgin plastic.

Can Liners
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Slip-N-Grip® Vehicle Service Products
There's no denying that happy customers are repeat customers and repeat business is the best way to grow profit in your service operations. Auto service managers around the world use our products to keep vehicles clean and deliver exceptional service to their customers. We serve the Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturing and Automotive Aftermarket sectors with high quality vehicle protection products.
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Vehicle Protection Products

For less then 45 cents/vehicle for a seat cover, steering wheel cover, and floor mat - an automotive service facility can leave a positive impact on the customer.

Industry Experience

Slip-N-Grip® is the only Automotive Aftermarket brand of interior seat protection approved by all major North American OEMs. For over 30 years, we have been supplying patented technology and today we offer a full line of vehicle service products and solutions.
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Proven Performance

Our specially engineered Slip-N-Grip® multi-layer technology allows for higher strength, increased flexibility, and superior performance.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Help exceed customer expectations by using our product line that includes plastic seat covers, paper and plastic floor mats, tire bags, dispensing systems (shown above), and dozens more products for vehicle service operations.

Construction/Home Improvement

Steelcoat® Products
Steelcoat Products® offers a variety of products specifically designed for the construction, home improvement and hardware sectors. Products include contractor bags, retail trash bags, heavy-duty plastic sheeting, painter’s plastic and our innovative Grip-N-Guard® self-adhering masking film. Our products offer guaranteed quality and durability at competitive prices.
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Engineered to Perform

We excel at working with customers to develop custom solutions to their product needs. All of our custom-engineered products share common attributes: innovation, performance and value for our customers.

Advanced 3-Layer Technology

Our 3-layer film technology meets the highest performance requirements depending on a customer's specific product market. Compared to mono-layer film and bags, our 3-layer products have improved tear strength flexibility, and advanced performance.
Steelcoat Can liners

Full Product Line for Markets

From the construction site to a DIY garage, we offer a full range of products for the big and small projects. Plastic sheeting for paint protection, vapor barriers, and DIY home improvement, to heavy duty contractor bags for cleanup. We have it all!

Private Label Solutions

A large part of our construction/home improvement market is private label. Our combination of innovative design, technology and engineering make our products competitive with name-brand products. We work with customers to manufacture products that deserve their name on the box.

Custom Packaging/Retail

Greencore® Products
Our packaging division specializes in utilizing our multi-layer technology and engineered solutions to service a wide variety of markets such as medical, delivery, custom private label, beverage, industrial, and institutional. We are the industry leader and innovator offering closed loop programs that recycle a customer's plastic and then produce new products our of the recycled material using our high-strength 3-layer Greencore® products structure. 
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National Brand Equivalent with Green Advantage

Bags and films are available with up to 70% or more post-consumer recycled content that gives our customers the green advantage without the added cost. Our products perform as well, if not better, than National Brand Equivalents.

Sustainable Products

In addition to manufacturing world-class multi-layer bags and film, we are one of the largest post-consumer film recyclers in North America. Our constantly evolving research, technologies, and materials have led to a full line of high-performance polyethylene products that contain recycled material that keeps the environment in mind.

3-Layer Film Technology

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process allows us to add recycled material to the core of the film without losing it's integrity and strength. It performs equally as well and even better than film made with virgin material. It provides opportunities for material reduction and high amounts of PCR.

Over 40 Years of Sustainable Excellence

Since 1978, we've been recycling and investing in sustainable products. Years of refining our processes and technology has allowed us to meet the highest performing green products in the plastics industry.


Diverse Proficiency
Our medical product-line offers a wide range of autoclavable biohazard medical bags for the laboratory-hospital, dental, surgical, medical and veterinary products. They provide maximum protection and meet the requirements for sterilization and collection of medical waste. 
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Wide Assortment of Products

The majority of our medical products are private label. Products include dental chair covers, non-surgical plastic disposable gowns, chemo and biohazard bags, autoclave bags, and various other barrier films.

FDA & GMP Compliant


Custom-Engineered Solutions

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process allows us to create custom blends that follow the customer's specifications and needs.



Grip-N-Guard® Self-Adhering Masking Film

Grip-N-Guard® is a multi-layer, high-density polyethylene film specially designed for painting, construction, remodeling, and home improvement projects. Grip-N-Guard® clings to virtually any surface with minimal or no taping required.


Slip-N-Grip® Vehicle Protection Products

The Slip-N-Grip® line includes our advanced plastic seat covers, standard and custom floor mats, service reminder systems, steering wheel covers, floor mats, dispensing systems and dozens more products for vehicle service operations.


Steelcoat® Products

Products include contractor bags, retail trash bags, heavy-duty plastic sheeting, painter’s plastic and our innovative Grip-N-Guard® self-adhering masking film.  Steelcoat Products® offer guaranteed quality and durability at competitive prices.


Steelcoat® Medical Bags

Our medical bags use an advanced 3-layer co-extrusion technology that allows for the modification and control of materials to optimize for heat deflection, strength and gauge. By being able to control these, we provide the best possible structure for all your medical application needs.


Slip-N-Grip® Image Floor Mats

Slip-N-Grip® floor mats provide some of the highest quality of printed full-color mats. Printed with UV ink to prevent fade and bleeding, our paper mats provide a great way to advertise at low cost. In-house design team helps you with the artwork at little to no cost to you.


Slip-N-Grip® Seat Jacket

Seat Jacket™ is manufactured in the USA and is the only interior protection used in both OEM and aftermarket applications. Seat Jacket™ is specially designed to protect seats during the pre-owned vehicle prep process, keeping seats clean and looking like new.


Greencore® Products & GreenPE®

Our Greencore Products® line offers industrial and institutional can liners and recycling bags made with up to 70% post-consumer recycled plastic. We process recycled plastic into GreenPE® pellets that are then used in our blown film products, such as plastic sheeting and trash bags that are manufactured at our Michigan and Tennessee locations.



Great for sequencing plastic trim covers, floor mats, headrests, owners manuals, anything! Saves you money by eliminating excess handling, freight, packaging and floor space. 


Ca$hMat® Floor Mats

Ca$hMat® advertising helps generate repeat business by getting promotional messages directly in front of customers at the point of service. Ca$hMat® doubles as vehicle protection and high-quality, full-color advertising, including perforated tear-off coupons.


NEW Quiet Cover™

Quiet Cover™ is specially designed to protect seats while being the quietest plastic cover in the industry. This cover has been researched and tested extensively using our unique 5-layer technology and has become a premium seat cover in the industry.