Thomas Verified Supplier

Petoskey Plastics is now a Thomas Verified Supplier on Being a Thomas Verified Supplier means that Petoskey Plastics has confirmed North American operations, provided accurate business information on the Thomas platform, undergone a complete review and validation of our offered products and services, and is currently open to quoting new opportunities.

To back up, though, we’ll explain what exactly Thomas is and why we are a member.

Thomas, also called ThomasNet, was originally the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers. First published as a book in 1898, Thomas has grown and changed exponentially. Thomas provides information on industrial services in North America in a variety of ways. Thomas has over 500,000 profiles for industrial businesses including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and more. These profiles allow the business to share their products and services and allows other businesses to find potential customers, suppliers, or partners.

Thomas is a great platform for our Slip-N-Grip automotive aftermarket brand that exclusively operates through distributors. Potential distributors can find our profile in a search and reach out to us to connect. Likewise, we can look for potential distributors by reviewing their profiles and finding links to their websites. 

Other features include over 300,000 whitepapers and articles plus e-books, reports, and marketing services. Along with this, Thomas has newsletters and spotlights to share any news or updates about a business, such as how we recently launched our new GreenPE Shrink™ collation shrink film.

Thomas WebTrax helps catalog data from a company website to stay on top of potential leads and organize marketing and sales materials.

Having access to information and businesses throughout our different divisions from automotive to construction/home improvement, Thomas has made it easy to continue growing. We look forward to building more partnerships through this platform.

Check us out on Thomas