The Positives of Plastic

In recent years, the plastic industry has gotten a bad reputation, particularly because of the amount of plastic waste being sent to landfills every year. A great quote from the American Chemistry Council says, “Just like you, plastics makers want to protect the environment for future generations. We’re working to ensure that plastics materials are responsibly used and then recycled-or if they can’t be recycled economically-recovered for their energy value.”

While those of us in the industry are working to reduce the amount of single use plastics and increase the amount of recycled plastic used in our products, there are so many positives of plastic that get overlooked. The use of plastics allows us to live better lives while also contributing to sustainability. Plastics actually help protect the environment by reducing waste, saving energy in our homes, reducing vehicle weight and thus less greenhouse gas emissions from using fuel, and so much more.

Plastics are everywhere and are in everything because of the many benefits they provide. Plastic is cheaper, lighter, and more versatile than most other materials. It has thermal and insulating properties, which make it ideal for house wiring and electronics. Using plastics in housing insulation makes our homes significantly more energy efficient and reduces the costs of heating and cooling. Plus, plastic valves and pipes hold up against corrosion and are cheaper and easier to install than pipes made from other materials. Plastic components in cars dramatically reduce vehicle weight and increase miles per gallon, saving the owner fuel costs and the environment from gas emissions. In addition, plastics are essential in the medical field and have cut down costs while simultaneously enhancing quality in medical components. Plastic use in medical devices have led to fewer infections, increased comfort, increased safety, and it is cheaper for the patient.

These are just a few examples of the positive impact of plastic. While plastic makers and consumers have to work together to reduce excess waste, don’t forget all of the benefits using plastics over other materials has. If you want to learn more about the benefits of plastic and educate yourself on the industry, check out these links:

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