Starting Our 50th Year

Every new year brings its own set of surprises, challenges, breakthroughs, triumphs and memories. This particular new year holds a very special place for those of us at Petoskey Plastics. 2019 marks our 50thyear as a company. That’s 50 years of innovating, 50 years of supporting our associates and communities, and 50 years of serving our customers to the best of our ability. We have had our trials and tribulations through the years, but each new obstacle has made us stronger as a company. We prevailed when others couldn’t and we pushed on through the hard times, acknowledging and celebrating every success, big and small, along the way. 

We couldn’t have made it this far and had this much success if it wasn’t for our amazing associates and the support from our community. Our company is lucky in that we can count on each and every one of our associates to show up, work hard, and positively contribute to our mission. Each person in this company is so valued and appreciated. We continue to strive to represent a dynamic culture that’s constantly rising to meet the needs of our most prized asset: our people.  

So, what are our plans for our 50thyear? Commemoration and celebration. Remembering how we got here and who helped us along the way while simultaneously celebrating this massive milestone and looking towards the next 50 years. Our theme for our 50thyear is, “Appreciating our past. Celebrating our Success. Inspiring our future.” That is exactly what we are going to do. 

You can expect to see articles on our history, associate interviews, updates on our Tennessee expansion and new recycling technology, and so much more on our website this year. As always, maybe even more now than ever, we are dedicated to our mission to earn the appreciation and respect of our customers, associates, and communities. We look forward to celebrating our past, present, and future with everyone who has supported us through this journey. Happy 50th